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Financial Report

All-time highs – record-breaking profitability

The Bossard Group can look back on another very successful fiscal year: Sales, EBIT and net income rose significantly, setting new record highs. Sales grew by 13.1 percent over the previous year to CHF 786.2 million. All market regions contributed to this remarkable performance with double-digit growth rates. EBIT rose by 23.6 percent to CHF 97.0 million while the EBIT margin climbed from 11.3 percent to a record-high of 12.3 percent, pushing it well above the industry average. Net income also improved markedly, growing no less than 28.4 percent to CHF 80.2 million. Overall, not only did we post a high level of growth in 2017, we were also able to further consolidate our above-average profitability.


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